Your Purpose in Life

What do it mean; when someone tell you or you end up figuring out that you have a purpose in life. Whether someone tells you or you discover it overtime is in fact the answer to what lead you up to this point of discovery. Your purpose in life is like the key to an open door way to true success and pure bliss.

We may search a life time of self-discovery and our purpose for living. We try to balance the two through practical living and standard living. Practical living will be anything that you feel is a way of living for you. Standard of living (in which society marginalize) appears to be self-satisfying to our own creature comforts which become a matter of temporarily pleasures that are not necessarily long lasting but short lived. This is not life purpose neither is it a measure of who you really are or what you meant to be in life.

To many times we associate our self-discovery with ideas that are only creation or fraction of  someone else’s plan of purpose and we might measure those things to what we should have and what we should be in life and that can cause a lot of stress and pressure when you work overtime to find value in the things that are short lived displays of happiness.

Self-discovery is not about an image or position you try to uphold progressively in life. It’s about truly understanding who you are, what you are not and what you are ultimately meant to be in life. Once you figure that out; the universe will set in alignment with helping you to discover who you are and your true purpose  in this  life.



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