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Neteral Research: Winter Skin Care Regimen

Our skin has to be protected at all times.  That goes without saying.  Winter is by far the number one season to implement the best skin care regimen.  On the outside you have harsh drying cold winds, while dry indoor heat is ready to greet you inside.  How does your skin cope with these extremes?  Well, that’s what NETERAL is here for–to provide the best tips on how to care for your precious skin and keep it strong & supple all winter long.

Moisture, moisture, moisture–your skin must remain hydrated.

Seal in that moisture, on your skin as well.  Sealing is not only reserved for the hair.  Skin & hair almost have the same composition; therefore, you may have to care for them in similar ways.  After the face is completely washed, let it air dry– and apply extra virgin olive oil to seal in the little moisture from the water droplets that are there.

Drink WATER!  The body must be hydrated at all times, in the dry desert heat as well as in the bone chilling cold.  Skin care starts from the inside out–your skin, most important your entire body, will thank you for keeping water (preferably alkaline) flowing on the insides.

Avoid over washing and over exfoliation your skin.   Just like you should not strip your hair of its natural oils, you should not do that to your skin, specifically your face.  Your face produces natural oils that aid in keeping it moisturized and soft.  Use a gentle cleanser. Exfoliate regularly, but not too often the skin can become tight, dry and rough.   Let your natural oils do their job as well.

Avoid washing your face with hot water.  This strips away the moisture from your skin as well.  It is a great practice to wash the face with cold water.   Also, we should not wash our hair with hot water.  The cold water helps to close our hairs’ cuticles.  If you have puffiness around the eyes, cold water helps to combat this.

If you want to, you can include herbs and other natural remedies to boost up your skin care or as treatment for specific issues you are having with your skin.

Humidifier over heater.  Heater produces dryness, while the humidifier retains moisture in the air.  Moisture in the air equates to moisture in your skin.  I see that we are following a specific theme here.

Implement these tips both indoors and outdoors.  Practice healthy skin care at all times!

Consult a skin care specialist–these tips are wonderful but the best skin care advice, would be to consult one of them.

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