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Neteral Research: Winter Protective Styles for Your Hair

Winter is around the corner, you already feel the chills in the air.  So with the weather changing, your hair care regimen has to change, too–particularly, hairstyles.  Wash & goes are a BIG no, no.  The harsh drying winds will definitely take a toll on your ends, and with a wash & go during the winter season, you are asking for a cold fever.  You don’t want that, and we certainly do not want that for you.  So NETERAL has compiled a list of hairstyles that will protect your hair during the harsh winter months.  The styles vary from casual, every day styles to formal ones–but the common theme is PROTECTION!  As with any hairstyle seen below and in general, additional hair care regimens, such as conditioning and sealing (whichever creams, moisturizers, oils, leave-ins & everything in between that you use) should be incorporated with these PROTECTIVE styles, and most important your regimen should be adjusted for the winter to protect your hair from the elements.

The Classic Two-Strand Twists

Locks (permanent protective style)

Updos (with loose or locked hair)

Classic Bun

Cornrows (not too tight)

French Braid


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  • vonnie
    November 7, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    My hair is thriving so much with protective styling….I wash/deep conditioner then put into twists for a week, repeat cycle….hiding it all under a satin do-rag and wig. hair is feeling great!