Neteral Accessories: Winter Season Jewelry

Many women accessorize during summer months without thinking twice about it, but can the jewels you wear during the summer work in the winter as well?  Maybe a few of them can, but certain jewels just go perfect only with that flowing summer dress, platform sandals, or halter top.  Ladies have to switch up earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and everything in between to accommodate the winter season.  Statement pieces are a given for winter jewelry.  You are wearing more garments; therefore, your pieces should not drown in your look and should stand out themselves.  Long earrings, bold necklaces, & large bracelets will make the perfect look.

Long earrings that incorporate the fringe trend

Earrings that incorporate the metal trend

Metal jewelry in pattern or irregular geometric shapes can complement a long sleeve cashmere blouse.

Another theme for this winter is to mix up different random pieces that would not usually go with each other, but would create the perfect statement pieces when meshed together.  These meshed pieces can be trendy & layered as well.

Fringe is in…your jewelry

LARGE rings are another hot look for this winter, retro & vintage

Remember, don’t overdue it when it comes to jewelry.  The jewels are layered and extravagant because they make their own statement, so only one to two pieces are necessary.  The best part is that ALL of these pieces are from Forever21’s jewelry line, and can be found online under the jewelry section within the $4 to $13 price range…..YES, that’s it.  Make a bold statement without putting a dent in your wallet.

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