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Neteral Research: When Weaves & Perms Go Wrong

Warning! There is always an expiration date on weaves and perms. This should be the message on all of the packaging of these products as well as in the submental stratosphere of black women’s minds. They should always keep in mind that there are always damaging effects right around the corner to their scalps, hairlines, and even healthy natural growth.  There is no such thing as good weaves & perms—they are all bad, and no one escapes the destruction that they leave behind…not even the supermodels with thousands of dollars to spend on these products can escape the wrath of these mane killers. Did Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” teach us anything? In the future we would like to suggest that black women look beyond these deadly & destructive choices in hairstyling upkeep because as it stands, the only ones who seem to benefit from these poisonous products are the companies that manufacture them.

Contributor B. Moses; Supermodel Naomi Campbell

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