What really Inspires you into greatness?

Could it be that inspiration sparks at different moments of our lives for different reasons?

The sky may be the limit and dreams sometimes become true but what makes you limitless is the ideas that makes you who you are. Inspiration is like the life force to any idea or thought that will encourage and extend you far beyond your fullest potential.

Some may say that to have a special talent is a gift but in fact you are the gift with  ideas and special ability that no one else may have or can perfect the same as you which makes the production of your ideas a skill or talent. You are one more factor in the universe that make up life purpose and without you in the world the lack of substance and purpose will be felt. So when I ask what is it that really inspires you, get you motivated and going in the right direction of greatness? What will you say or in fact do. The whole point is to get you mentally stimulated and motivated with your own life purpose and make this world a better place.

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