What complexity do you have?

62b29ee33ebce01d9500d0975c5c2bb5--short-natural-hairstyles-hairstyles-for-black-womenWhy is it as black women the disdain of self-worth has lacked the sufficency of true meaning?

The lack of self-worth hangs over the head of the heartless and mindless black woman today;

masquerade so heavily into false pride. False pride denotes having the glamour of make up on your face, a stiletto attitude or strong belief in vanity and individuality. Vanity would be by any means of material gains that is found in this three dimensional world of people, places, possessions. The black woman today may idolize and measure her worth to fleeting moments of  happiness that pertains to any subject or object that has to do with the three dimensional world.


Her individuality often time is presented as a buffer of false pride. Most black women can see and feel the stigma of degradation and degeneracy of the typical black woman today along with the underdeveloped black female that has no pride in herself and mindlessly uphold the nothingness of the black woman today that try to make a difference in achievements, hard work and bearing the mark of a strong broken black woman.


The complex of inferiority to just be “who she really is?” is too ground breaking at the core of the black woman today. Her indecisiveness, lack of courage and means; let alone false pride has been the culprit of self-destruction of the black woman today. What she represents, how she behaves, what she truly think of herself (low-grade of empowerment) and how the under develop female (mentally) degrades herself by any means possible in order to find value in the things that only bring vanity and misery to her life internally. Never to feel true bliss because the black woman today is fake! Yes I said it fake ! Fake from the top of her head to the soles of her feet including bad attitude that has come a long way in self-defense of who she think she is and what she think she is not. I’ll spear the details of it.


The black woman today foundation  can be shaken and shattered at any moment other than her false pride anchored as the foundation of self-respect in solid form through her demands of it and at times  by way of her heartless and aggressive bad attitude which is her way of self-entitlement.


Her standard of beauty is never truly hers even when she is unveiled in all her naturalness because in her mind she is a prisoner  to her own self destruction or lack of self-esteem that is determined by the shallowness and demands of society that is always an influence for the black woman today to find substance and not meaning in the things that she can morally stand for over the many things she  will fall for by way of escapism from her self who she really is at the foundational point of her existence.


Society put’s a strong dysfunctional stigma on the so called black woman today that is both degrading and misleading of true value and worth of the black woman today. The black woman value and worth today is like a two edge sword sure to cause her nothing but  pain, misery and vanity. That two edge sword also represents the double minded and double standards of the black woman today that always feel a sense of entitlement to her emotions whether she’s right or wrong. However, the emotional instability of the black woman today has done more harm than it has ever helped her to reach that peak of solitude and peace.


The black female today is full of drama and unsettled strife fake in all aspects of her life from having a quantity of friends, family, co-workers and relationships that carries an emptiness and void that she pretends don’t exist but do. The only thing that make the black female feel alive is deflecting her weakness, gossip and turmoil on other females that share the same complex of chaos and confusion along with the  competition of one friend being better than the other or striving to reach sorority status amongst a group of other fake girlfriends or “BESTIES”.


And for the black women that go solo or have a very few quality of friends  (with years invested or no friends at all,) family members who she barely care to keep an interest in, or co-workers who you go along with to get along with to get through the work day and unsettled relationships that she don’t know if keeping a man or having a man or getting rid of a man is more important than actually building a solid foundation and quality relationship with a strong black man. Yet still carry a sense of void and lack of satisfaction within life itself.


The only thing that’s a reality to the black woman today is pain whether it is loud or silent that pain is still evidently at the core of her being. The black woman has allowed her false pride to come a long way in disguise and disgust. She has become one with pain and pain has become one with her like a bitter sweet pill. The black woman don’t know who she really is or sometimes have become. The black woman and female today take pride in the ability to ” Fake it until she actually make it mentality” that’s how she survived so long in pain and loss of true worth, value and identity.


Do you know who you are black woman? Some might say ” I’m a strong black woman with good head on my shoulder (take that however way)”  for the black female “ I’m a bad Bit$h with attitude”  and for the sophisticated black women you define yourself by the level of your success including status, prestige and income in which I don’t knock for all the achievements and hard work you put in but even in the sense of success you still feel like something is missing more than just a space of solitude and sense of satisfaction. It is something more worthwhile and meaningful from within. For you black woman you have earned the luxury of life and all the hard work and sacrifices that has paid generously. You may feel free and accomplished in the sense of owning your life and being in control of your independence.


However, if I asked the question one more time ” Who are you black woman? (without defining yourself by the merits of all your success and achievements) would you tell me  “That its none of my business #one, #two to go possibly f$ck off and get my life at that too!” or would you simply say that you are nothing. Nothing because in spite of all the success that any black woman has achieved or will achieve in life never really amount to anything without the respect and recognition of her true value. So no matter what you do or how you do it….you will always have a battle to fight (internal, external or both in on shell). Your fight to uphold you existence and all your establishments may not go in vain but who you are by way of definition of being a black woman will be in vain.


Black woman do you realize that there are other black females (underdeveloped mentally) that don’t even know there worth on a scale of simple self-respect and means. These black females today make it harder for the black women to gain her footing with self-respect and means. Only because they wear their nothingness by way of belief and promote the degradation, disgust and disrespect of the black woman today and found ways to actually function socially with the misfit of society view of what the black woman is today polar opposites of sexual exploitation and exquisite art. Bitter sweet…..but it’s real !


The self-destruction of the black woman marginalize by way of status, material gain, and standard of beauty. The inferiority complex of the black woman is more real than any tear that drop and make a sound from the face of a black woman today. Superiority is for the strong and brave at heart not for the weak and feeble black woman that can only occasionally be courageous at being a wrong and strong black woman today.


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