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V for Velvet

Velvet can be a sophisticated choice of fabric to wear, when done right of course.  We can agree that velvet can be a difficult look to pull off, but when you select the right kind of styles like the pieces shown below, velvet can be just as chic as a silk blouse, or a chiffon or lace embellished dress.

Marc Jacobs Velvet cowl-neck gown

Yves Saint Laurent Silk Strapless Gown

Velvet Ellise Sweater

Velvet Kita Sweater

Ralph Lauren Black Luxury Velvet Dawson Jacket

Anna Molinari Velvet tuxedo blazer

Anna Sui ruffled velvet & lace dress

Anna Molinari embellished velvet dress

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  • vonnie
    November 17, 2010 at 7:47 AM

    LOVE the ralph lauren jacket and the last pictured dress 😀