Tyra’s Course: CEO 101

Over in Vogue Italia Black, media mogul & supermodel Tyra Banks started a how-to 7 step guide on “How to Be Your Own CEO”.  Ms. Banks started this web series back in April of this year.  This is so beneficial to all, including myself, who are looking to start up businesses and successful brands.

The first step of the how-to guide is “In order to run your own business, you need to be able to run your own life”.  This statement is so true.  Your business should be a reflection of how you handle day to day life.  You should be able to apply skills and routines that you follow to your business practices.

To get the entire explanation of step 1, visit the link

The second step is to “build confidence”.  If you don’t believe in your self…..I prefer to use the term “know what you have to offer”, rather than believe, how will anyone accept what you are offering, right?–step-due

The third step is to “dress to impress”.–step-tre

The fourth step is to “make a plan”. This is very important because as Tyra states, “You can’t make a plan if you don’t know what you’re doing”.  A plans maps out exactly what your business is, what goals you want to accomplish, and the time line in which you want to accomplish each goal.–step-quattro

The fifth step is to “build relationships & network”.  This is key; if you want to know how what you’re doing works, what better way to find out than to connect with someone you aspire to be like.–step-cinque

The sixth step is “practice humility”.  I see a lot of people having difficulty with this one because once you get the recognition of your work that you long for, it will be difficult for anyone to tell you how to do anything.  But nonetheless, humility takes you far.–step-sei

The final step concluding the “How to Be Your Own CEO” guide is to “get organized”.  Organization, organization, organization!  She is absolutely right.  If everything is all over the place, how do you know the whens, wheres, hows of your business or whatever venture you are a part of?  Being organized is crucial when it comes to running a business.  A lost file can mean the difference between night & day for your company.–step-sette

I want everyone who reads this and the 7 step guide to actually apply these steps to your lives.  Everyone has potential.  The difference is those who will sacrifice to unlock their potential versus those who are comfortable with a stifled potential.  Unlock your creativity.  That is what I live by day after day.

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