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Neteral Research: Thinking about that fierce “BIG CHOP”!

big chop 4Are you thinking about the big chop? Are you wondering how you might look? Do you feel like going natural? Are you worried about what others might think?

Be a dare devil and just do it already! Get it done and over with and start your new hair journey of going natural and getting rid of the bad chemicals and weaves in your hair black woman. Embark on a new journey and start to truly take care of your natural hair and embrace the beauty of you being natural.

If you noticed a lot of black women are starting to embrace the beauty of going natural and being who they are.  They are also, participating in the journey of the “THE BIG CHOP” phase and are learning how to use certain products that are healthy and nutritious for their own hair.

Some women decided to keep a low faded hair cut that fits them so beautiful. While others embraced the journey of going through each phase of their own hair growth; usually after a one year of the journey and going through the battle of self-cautiousness, inadequacy, High-low self-esteem as well as, the embracement of compliments, beauty, and growth about your hair journey you began to realize that first year how beautiful you look and the length of hair that has grown out so healthy and rich.

All it take is a concrete decision to come into your self-awareness and set aside all your fears in order to began your journey. It is also, helpful to understand the reason why you are chopping all your hair off and why. Always have a true purpose for anything that you do in life, not because it’s a fad or someone else told you to do it. Only because what might work for you may not work for the next person. Also, to prevent unnecessary regrets in the end.

But if you have decided to do the big chop for whatever reason be it because damaged hair or personal preference so be it. But most of all let it be because you have come into the knowledge of self and taking the necessary steps of becoming natural and embracing your natural beauty black woman. After-all, you are beautiful on the inside just as much as you are on the outside and it is only right that you be who you are and drop the hair hats (European wigs) and bad chemicals (perm and hair dye) for natural hair journey that you have yet to discover and will not regret. I’m confident you will come into a level of self-awareness, self-respect and self-beauty that is undeniable.

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