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The Power in Forgiveness

Imagine being betrayed or overwhelmed with disappointment caused by another. The impact of the pain isn’t felt intrinsically; it is often a psychological pain and cycle. A mental complexity one must reason with; to release themselves from perpetuating the pain. Each person’s circumstance is succumbed by the perplexities of one’s mental turmoil (a repeated cycle of offense in the mind). The memory and recollection of thoughts linked to one’s detrimental experience is the gap between recognition and reality. Therefore, a person’s behavior becomes the catalyst of how they’ll respond or react to those who administered the betrayal or disappointment to them.

However, despite the hurt one feels, the practical way of release is the bridge between one’s acceptance and acts of forgiveness. Every problem has a solution, and every pain felt is also a process of healing. When one recognizes the power in forgiveness, it is a sense of ownership and restoration of trust. When trust is restored, it’s like a broken glass pieced together in a more endearing and cautious matter. When a person decides to forgive and gain back their power, higher wisdom, knowledge, and understandings is finally achieved.

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