The Kaftan- The perfect blend of Comfort and Sophistication

Africa is the world's second-largest continent with 54 countries, so fashion trends are very diverse and vary from coast to coast.Traditional African clothing, such as kaftan, Ankara, and many others modern African print clothing, are different styles compared to other parts of the world and are often inspired by Culture, languages, nature, food, and music.

While African fashion has always been bold and beautiful, a kaftan is the trending fashion and has so many gorgeous styles. When it comes to dressing up, my status quo is "A woman should wear the outfit and not the outfit wear her" what we wear can express our personality, and of course, comfort is one of the essential aspects of dressing up. 

The kaftan gives clean, comfortable, chic, easy to wear silhouettesthe idea for African women and African fashion lovers who want to look elegant and glamorous.

The kaftan slowly gained popularity for its exoticism and as a form of loose-fitting clothing. The rise of kaftan has a lot to do with pushing the boundaries for what women could wear and as the kaftan enabled women to wear this not just at home but outside in public, with the variety of colors in the long dresses which are very feminine, comfortable and easy to wear in different cuts and fabrics to flatter every shape andsize's certainly modest yet fashionable!

Written By: Aisha Keeney

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