The Bronze Complex of Supreme Women

What you think is what define who you are? This is what the bronze women know. She know that there is supremacy in power and not just in her belief. The bronze woman do not obtain, demand or acquire power. She is power in complimentary to the bronze man in power.

The meaning of the bronze complex of a supreme women has a foundational point  of reference known as genetic modification in which she has the natural selection to be orderly, strong and regal. The bronze woman has a strong sense of who she is and what she is not. She has the ability to adjust and modify herself in supreme thoughts and actions.

The bronze woman gives definition to her existence and purpose in life by way of power and what she is able to produce to remain relevant and extended futuristically.

The bronze women ultra-stand that communication come by way of concentration and in degrees. The Bronze women do not take pleasure in gossip, but finds empowerment in communion with those that are like minded. She ultra-stands the value of useful thoughts and the upliftment of collective communion.

The power of “iron sharpening iron’  is the objective of extended thought and development of the bronze women. The bronze woman is capable of taking both liberty and freedom hand in hand. Liberty of Ahmenic laws and freedom of maintaining order.

Bronze women don’t just stand for anything  neither do she fall for anything by way of standard. The bronze women is the example of supremacy and is upholded by the power of Ahmen. She ultra-stand that it is not about the representation of a Goddess complex  but is solely about the bronze complex where true supremacy of power is emitted in pure form of her being.

The bronze woman is realistic in her approach, appearance and audacious demeanor.Bronze women do not have the patience for foolishness and do not regard the willfully weak. She do not identify with weakness in others but her own in which she take care to strengthen in the power of Ahmen by the power of Ahmen.

The bronze women do not seek approval or acceptance from anyone but of Ahmen. She will always be in complimentary to the bronze man and ultra-stands his position and purpose in life as well as her own. Neither do the bronze man or women take pleasure in this three dimensional world. Both the bronze men and women ultra-stand that they are “in this world but not of this world”.

The bronze women and men despise weak and feeble males and female that has no purpose or objective in life other than to self-destruct, leech and hate on others with a purpose an means for life.

The bronze women and men ultra-stand the necessity of separation from weak males and females with no moral fiber in their existence other than to self-destruct by way of punishment and harsh judgment from the power of Ahmen by the power of Ahmen.

The bronze women will never second guess or forfeit her purpose in life;  she  is the visionary of her life and live with purpose from within every fiber of her being and existence in this world and beyond her world but in other higher dimension.

The bronze women complex is superiorly strong from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. She is natural, very complex (serious) and straight forward with all her encounters. She will never have to demand respect from anything or anyone respect will be a given because she is respect, ultra-stand the principles of respect and give respect often times to the least likely.

Let’s just say when you meet a bronze woman or man you’ll know when you have encounter one of them because they are very uncommon and have a strong sense of personification. This is tribute to the bronze women today.

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