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Neteral Research: The Beauty of the Olive

Olive oil has been known as a beauty oil for ages.  It has wonderful healing properties for the skin and hair, especially if you are using extra virgin olive oil.  Olive oil penetrates deep within the skin, and hydrates it with a light, non-greasy coating.  It is a nutritious “food” for your skin that leaves it feeling smoother and softer.  It moisturizes and soothes chapped lips.  It is one of the top skin emollients that the gods have given us.

Olive oil nourishes dry hair and improves the hair’s elasticity.  It softens the strands and decreases shedding and breaking of the hair.  It eliminates frizz, and makes the hair shiny.  It helps to put damaged hair back on track when one decides to take hair care seriously.  It helps to do away with dandruff and alleviates dry, itchy scalp.  Douse those ends in olive oil, especially after washing while your hair is still wet.  Olive oil closes up the follicles and seals in the moisture of the water.  You can coat your deep conditioner with a reasonable amount of olive oil to retain the moisture.  Less split ends = more length retention = healthy growing hair = luscious locks.

Extra virgin olive oil and shea butter can be used as a facial moisturizer for excessive dry skin. Shea butter can also be used as a lip balm and to clear up dark blemishes on the face. It keeps your skin strong and healthy.  If your skin retains its own oil you do not have to put extra olive oil or shea butter on your face daily. Once in while it can be helpful but most of all what is important for any type of skin is to stay hydrated with water to nourish your body daily. Using Olive oil or shea butter has it’s benefits and can sure give a rich and healthy tone and texture to any type of skin that is natural and healthy. Olive oil must stay away from heat and light to keep it from losing its properties.

Important disclaimer: The benefits of olive oil  and shea butter is not a cure or treatment for any medical condtions of the skin, please consult with a professional skin or hair determatologist in regards to any medical conditions.


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