Neteral Interview: Oneika Castro & Her Style of Fashion

Neteral Magazine: Hello Oneika Castro, thank you for taking the time to speak out and share about your style of fashion (which is gorgeous) with Neteral Magazine. Tell us more about yourstyle and your sense of style is.

Oneika Castro: My name is Oneika Castro, and I would describe my style as a unique mix of bohemian, hipster, edgy, and chic.

Neteral Magazine: We can see that and your style is very classy and unique.

Oneika Castro: Thank you for that, I’d like to often combine hard and edgy with soft and feminine, as exemplified in the top I am wearing in the following  photographs. I enjoy wearing trendy clothes.

Neteral Magazine: What is your outlook on trends? and how do you keep up with the latest trends and mesh it with your style?

Oneika Castro: I believe it is important to balance current trends with classic styles. Too much trend can just be plain too much. By totally switching apparel choices to reflect the current trends of the season, any fashionista loses her sense of personal style. Instead, I find it smart to hang on the the old favorites, whether “In” or “Out” (because you never know when they’ll come back), and revamp them to suit your favorite trends. As a result, one retains their personal style, without losing sight of what’s current.

Neteral Magazine: That is absolutely True ! How would you define your level of self-esteem in style?

Oneika Castro: My style in the photos defines me as confident, subtly sexy, edgy, yet feminine, and not afraid to take a few fashion risks.

Neteral Magazine: Alright……Miss Oneika…..Look out everyone here she comes…….. (laughter)…..Neteral will like to share additional information in regards to the cost of this classy style of  yours. Would you mind sharing?
Onieka Castro: Of course not…… In the first photo, is a Zig Zag Mesh Oversize Blk Top: It’s from Bebe, and cost $79, In the second photo, is a Blk Pull-On Jeggings: that is from the famous Forever 21, that’s $19.80, along with the Metallic Pewter Cut-Out Bootie Heels: which is from Carlos by Carlos Santana, $89, and as for that beautiful clutch I purchased that at DSW it is a discolored Pewter Leather Clutch: and costed only $50, Wilson’s Leather.
Neteral Magazine: That is great costing for a fabulous style that you have Miss Onieka…….We like to thank you for your time and opportunity for sharing your sense style and beauty with Neteral Magazine. You look awesome and stunning !

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