Serena Williams Builds School in Kenya

Tennis legend Serena Williams makes history again, but off the tennis courts. She has built a school in Makueni, Kenya called The Serena Williams Wee Secondary School. This is actually Serena’s second school in Kenya. She has been involved in humanitarian work in the country over the last couple of years. She also has a foundation dedicated to teaching impoverished children tennis. In November 2008, she opened her first school in Matooni, Kenya called the Serena Williams Secondary School.

It has long been Serena’s passion to aid underprivileged children around the world as relayed in this quote, “It is my goal to open many schools for thousands of children who do not have the opportunity to get good education. I plan to do one every year.” Serena’s contributions have not gone unnoticed with Kenyan officials. Kenyan Priministers Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka have honored Serena Williams by featuring her efforts on Kenya’s prime time television.

What Serena’s humanitarian accomplishments show us is that we should strive to share what we have with people who are disadvantaged. We should be inspired by this legend who’s a reflection of us that we can give back whether it’s to our local communities or abroad. You may think that you have little, but there is always someone with less than yourself. When we invest in the children and inspire them, we will lay the foundation of a stronger and more secure future for our children. That is what we should all strive to achieve.

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