Neteral Interview: Ruby Buah Talks KUA

While sitting with Ms. Ruby Buah at the KUA Designs NYC Shop & Mingle event, as the interviewee Tanya Clavien former publisher of Neteral Magazine I could definitely tell that Ruby Buah puts all of her focus and energy into what she loves to do.  Many people came out that evening and showed support for KUA, and it is no surprise that they did because of such a wide array of eclectic handbags composed of origami styled shapes, bright patterns, and luxurious textures along with one of a kind jewelry pieces.  I came across KUA a few months back, and I instantly became an admirer.  I had the honor to conduct a one on one interview with fashion’s rising star, Ruby discussed her brand, and how its success, and where she wants to take it.  Ruby’s warm spirited nature allowed me to ask her questions about her line while conducting business and greeting guests.  I started off by asking Ruby about the beginnings of KUA.

Neteral Magazine: Why did you start KUA?

Ruby Buah: I started out in Corporate America first.  Then I decided to pursue my passion of designing.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

Neteral Magazine: Where does your inspiration come from?

Ruby Buah: My mom is a very huge inspiration.  She made my Ghanaian culture a huge part of my existence.  Beautiful prints and my love for colors all give me inspiration for KUA.

Neteral Magazine:Where did the name KUA derive from?

Ruby Buah: Kua is my mother’s name, so it holds a very special meaning to me.  K.U.A. is also an acronym for Keeping Us Authentic.  And what that means to me is being African and having that flow with Western culture, blending the two together.


Neteral Magazine: There are no other styles on the market/industry like yours; so many designers have similar looking designs—how did your designs becoming cutting edge?

Ruby Buah:Thank you.  I wanted to work with different varieties of fabrics, materials, and since I like colors and movement, I want that to come through in my designs.  I want to give variety to clients.



Neteral Magazine: I watched your “KUA Girls” film online and read how your purses are referred to as girls because they represent different towns in Ghana.  BOLGA—chic, wild, fierce; AXIM—edgy; one simple design; NKRAN—cosmopolitan, urban, night out on the town; KUMASI—royalty, regal…how did you come up with this idea?


Ruby Buah: I just want to have fun with my designs.  That’s why I broke my bags into different collections.



Neteral Magazine: Your jewelry has a light, simple chic, delicate nature vibe to it.  These are a few of the many words that can be used to describe your stunning jewels.  What feel or style did you want to convey with your jewelry collection?

Ruby Buah: The necklace (Ruby points to a necklace from her line that she ‘s wearing).  I like simplicity.  Say…… if you’re wearing a statement bag, you want the necklace to be chic.  My jewelry line is inspired by what I would purchase, what I would wear.



 Neteral Magazine: Let’s talk purses.  Your purses are designed in an artsy, origami style.  What was the inspiration?

Ruby Buah: Stuff that wasn’t on the market; I want to keep it playful, not make my purses boring.



 Neteral Magazine: Does the style of your purses influence your jewelry and vice-versa?

Ruby Buah: Now I think it does.  But I do not go with that in mind, but it just ends up happening.

Neteral Magazine: What’s next for KUA Designs?

Ruby Buah: Sticking with accessories, grooming the brand, and letting people know what I do.


 * Ruby Buah was one of the first official interview with Neteral Magazine, we must say it was a pleasure.  To see more of KUA Designs, visit


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  • Hazel
    July 21, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    Absolutely gorgeous designs. Her styles seem to get better and better….