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Neteral Research: Protective Hair Styles for Black Women


Faux Locs is known to be one of the most popular hair styles that alot black woman have experimented on in terms of installing either marley hair or yarn into their hair. The main objective is to convey a very cultural and natural look for a ethnical hairstyle. Most women with real natural locs in their hair took offense to women that experimented with this style. Some women took offense due to the illusion of women installing these locs and pretending as though they were real locs while flaunting the hair style. One of the reason being is that these women didn’t understand the significance behind growing real natural locs and the longevity in which these women with real locs in their hair have endured throughout the years of each stage of growth which is totally understandable. However, on the contrary every black woman have every right to embrace their uniqueness and their way of being natural. Anything that will encourage or inspire a black woman to be who she is without being defined by her hair and or looks is liberating. But most of all the importance behind black woman and natural hair would be to embrace the essence of who she is without having to mask her true beauty from within and without.





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