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Health Concerns: New Out-look on Soy !

One of the major “healthy” foods which isn’t really healthy at all that’s being pushed to the masses is soy.  In a kind of re-awakening which is simply just a trend of reverting back to healthy foods, so called health experts are penning soy products and its byproducts as a healthy alternative to dairy (still the worst).  Soy can be found in dairy free ice creams–there are even foods such as soy bacon, soy patties as a beef burger replacement, and soy milk.  It is overload.

Soy contains a high level of plant based estrogen, phytoestrogens, which causes excessive estrogen intake.

Phytates prevent the digestive tract from absorbing minerals.  They do this by preventing the enzymes from functioning and doing their job.

Soy is a goitrogenic food, which means that it destroys your thyroid.  When your tyroid is not functioning, weight gain is inevitable.

Trypsin is a digestive enzyme that breaks down protein.  Soy is loaded with trypsin inhibitors.

So it is safe to say that soy should be avoided at all costs.

They’ll get you one way or the other–they won’t put any dairy, but they will use soy.

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