Neteral Accessories: Wearing a Work of Art

Is it possible to wear a work of art?  Of course, we wear art everyday subconsciously.  Our own personal style is our work of art.  The way we wear our jeans, our scarves, our favorite jacket and shoes is our way of expressing what we think of ourselves, our mood for the day, and sense of style.  The designers who deliver these pieces of clothing are deemed creative with that certain “eye”.

Very little emphasis is given to the art jewelry designers create.  Jewelry designer Evette Everett fuses Earth’s natural gifts of clay, pearls, crystals, rare beads, and other elements found around the world to create intricate designs.  She creates these precious designs all by hand.  Her art is produced through ceramics, fused and torch work glass, elaborate beadwork, and other distinctive processes.

Evette Everett’s passion for art is exhibited through the rare pieces she has handcrafted.  There is meaning behind each piece and can surely strike up a conversation from the moment it meets the eyes of the audience.  The intricacy and dedication given to each piece makes the wearer feel as if each piece was designed specifically for her.  These pieces can stand side by side with art work found in any museum throughout the world.  Wearing Evette Everett’s designs will make you feel like a jewel yourself.  To view more of Evette Everett’s jewelry pieces, you can visit her website at


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    March 2, 2020 at 2:54 AM