Meet Dr. Jennifer Daniels

She was a proficient student, she received a degree with multiple merits.

She also obtained her medical degree (M.D) and a MBA simultaneously within 4 years.

Dr Jennifer Daniels chose to surrender her medical practice license and then became a “terrorist” in America for not practicing medicine the conventional way . In order to protect her own life she now lives outside of the U.S.

She exposes all of the malpractices she had witnessed in this medical field. This is explained in detail in her book titled ” lethal dose”.

Ever since she made the shift from the medical standard of care to natural therapies she has been at the service of her community and she has been teaching about natural food and self care. Dr Daniels has been revealing certain so called natural diets that do more harm to the body rather than healing it.

She stands for truth and integrity because according to her being a doctor is more than holding an honorable degree; it’s about raising awareness about holistic healing ( that you wouldn’t hear from actual holistic healers).

She made mind blowing discoveries about food that are beneficial to the general health.

She put together her own natural healing product called vitality capsules. 

Written by: Shendor Menvarayzz

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