Meet Brenda Nambi of BAMBI: Fashion Designer from Uganda

BRENDA NAMBI a former member of the Obsession dance group, currently a member of the HB-Toxic group, is also an up and coming fashion designer in Uganda. She is very enthusiastic about her Bambi Fashion show, as she showcased her designs at Garden City Roof Top, in Kampala, Uganda on May 8th 2010.

NETERAL Contributor Grace Atuhaire gets a moment with Ms. Nambi at her fashion show, titled the “Bambi Fashion Show”.

You always strike me with your R&B songs, what inspired you to design clothes?


Her face lightens up with a smile as she explains her passion for fashion.

“I have always wanted to do something for the youth, my love for clothing, smart women, smart independent women, smart hard working women, and smart strong women— are what inspired me.”

She too attributes her inspiration from her mother who was a source of encouragement in her low moments and believed she would make it. Brenda was behind the fashion designing of the outfits in the play “Before Adam and Eve” by Obsession group. It was then that she visualized her true potential as a fashion designer. Apart from designing and sewing the clothes you will find in Bambi Fashion Shop, she designs for the R&B singing group; HB-Toxic.

“I do wake up sometimes at night and sew clothes: even when I am asleep and dream of a fashion design, I will wake up and draft it down”.

Things like nature and people in general inspire her designs.  Her icon in the fashion world is Vivian Westwood for her unpredictability and creativity. She designs for both men and women, 18 years & older which include casual wear, office wear, party wear, and swimsuits.  She only designs children’s clothing on order.


How do you define fashion?

“To me fashion is a way of expression which is hard to determine its limit…” So do your fashion styles reflect who you are?

“Uh yes” she added.

Most of her designs say a lot about who she is and her love for glamour, and simple, elegant fashion trends.

What is your view on the west’s influence on African fashion?

She loves the fusion of the two worlds. Her designs are of western fabrics. This, she says, indentifies her fashion identity from other African designers. Brenda looks forward to designing her clothes with African fabrics in the near future as she points out that she can work with any kind of a cloth! Sewing is her main hobby only second to her love of music.

Brenda Nambi is committed to keeping her passion for designing and widening her company Bambi Fashion House Company to the international scene in the next five years.


Brenda’s fashion notes:

  • To always clothe yourself in what fits your body
  • Know the colors that match your skin
  • Always shop from the designer who advises you truthfully

She is always there to guide her customers.

“Something that can’t talk can’t fail a human being and if you insist you get what you want” are her mother’s words that assure her of success.

These are a couple of looks from the BAMBI show.





Contributor Grace Atuhaire

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