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Let’s dive into Ch’an the artist world.

Today the spotlight is on a young promising Barbadian songstress and lyricist. Her musical style is very soulful; it’s tonic and stimulating to the mind. Listening to her music will boost your mood up. When you think of Barbados, you think of soca and calypso, but Ch’an takes her audience past the Caribbean borders. Indeed real and pure music is boundless and timeless. Her YouTube cover series was her choice to cover brilliant artists’ songs the average listeners wouldn’t necessarily know. We’re very thankful for this series because this adds lots of richness to her music (we want to hear more than just the regular famous singers). We are also thankful for the discovery of unknown talents. This young lady has such amazing vocals, and she genuinely loves to share her beautiful gift with others; good for us!

Her lyrics tell profound and exciting stories, her songs uplift and empower. No matter what you may encounter in life, there is always greatness awaiting you. Keep up the fantastic work, Ch’an, the artist; we see you from Barbados and worldwide.

Written by: Shendor Menvarayzz

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