Neteral Celebrity: The Soul of Leela James

In life there are many great tragedies such as famine, teen pregnancies, and black on black murder, which rightfully catch our attention. However, it is the lesser everyday tragedies that seem to escape us and go unnoticed. One of these being the music industry’s unwillingness to promote talented and top notch artists such as Leela James in a time where real music is suffering from an extreme fallout. The current trend of teen and twenty something microwave musical acts with about as much talent as a blinking light are what sadly has the attention of a lot of music listeners only because of industry hype. This however makes true soul music affectionados like myself appreciate rare artists like Leela James much more. This young lady burst onto the scene in 2005 with her debut album titled “A Change is Gonna Come”. Now she’s back with her 2010 release titled “My Soul”. It is what soul music lovers have come to expect and appreciate from James and that is deep roots music. We at NETERAL recommend that all of our readers pick up James’ latest LP if you love good music.



Contributor B. Moses

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