Karen’s Body Beautiful Spa

One of the places on my “go sees” list (a place that I would like to visit)–can be found in Brooklyn, NY.  Karen’s Body Beautiful recently opened up a spa at its successful store that carries and sells its product line.  I visited the store the other day, and I picked up one of the spa menus.  The spa offers the classic manicure & pedicure, but at KBB, these services are referred to as Model Manis and Posh Pedis and come with an array of choices.  You can request for Model Manis like the “Five Star Fingers” and “Luxe Love” and Posh Pedis like the “Runway Beauty” & “Sole Sweet”.

Facials, or Fab Facials, as they are called at KBB, address many problems that women may experience.  One of the Fab Facials, “Skin Sign” treats the condition of your skin, whether it’s dry or oily.  The “No Fuss” Fab Facial treats sensitive and irritated skin while reducing premature aging.

It’s a spa so of course you have a well rounded selection of full body treatments to choose from, or Body Bliss as they like to call it at KBB.  One of the ways to give your Body Bliss is to “Salt ‘N Purify” it (the name of one of the spa treatments).  This treatment is for cleansing bacteria and skin impurities from….you guessed it–your skin.  The “Drop Dead Gorgeous” body treatment promises you more moisture retention of the skin.

The body massages, or the Me Please Massages, with names like “Deep Tiss-You” & “Ahhh-Romatherapy” are calling your body to KBB in Brooklyn as you’re reading this.

To inquire about the spa services provided at Karen’s Body Beautiful, you can call

800 | 628 | 2210 to make an appointment or you can visit the KBB store at

436 Myrtle Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11205

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