Interchangeable Control of Racism

To ponder the thought whether someone likes you or not is not the concern or question to be asked.

The main objective of it all is that it’s beyond just you it’s RACISM! To be around a diverse crowd of people that share some type of displeasuring plight against each other remain as the number one factor of dismay. To know how someone view or intentionally feel about you  that may be people of your kind becomes a matter of interchangeable control of racism. Whereas, racism today is not the same as how racism was in the past. Racism of people, creed and culture is now being expressed through subliminal messages or through unnecessary hate crimes because of this inferior and superior complex amongst the people way  to control and defend many aspect  of Racism as a means self-righteousness justify unruly.

To become interchangeable with racism as a means of self-defense (of self and kind) is not just an act of defense but of a fight and unseen battle to defend that which you feel is either a threat or is a direct opponent of insult to who you are and other race of people that identify with you. The fight of racism remains the same in views but the battles of racism come in many disguises. Which is why some battles need to chosen very wisely or else you’ll lose a battle before it has nearly begin.

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