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Fashion Trends for 2010

Bow down to the Bow

Bow down to the power of the oversized bow.  This girly mixed with editorial look is quite an interesting look to pull-off.  After all, the classic headband without any personality is just so boring.  Why not revive it?  My tip would be to not over accessorize.

Rip Me A New One

A look from the eighties has re-emerged yet again.  The 80s rugged torn jean look has gotten a facelift.  It’s not so much rock n’ roll anymore; rather, it’s something I like to call “rock n’ chic”.  The tears or openings of the jeans are seductively placed to accentuate the right body parts.  If you can pull it off, go for it.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone?  High-Split & Shoulder Blades

The shoulder pads have taken a sharp razor edgy look this season.  Could it be?  Another 80s trend making its way back to the surface?  The many styles of shoulder pads will definitely keep you afloat this season and above the surface.

The mid-thigh split adds a nature of sexiness that teases by subtly revealing hints of the legs with every suggestive movement.

Strut Your Stuff in Those Hot Shorts

The mid-waisted shorts take on a girlish, sleek look, that give off a fun and modish vibe at the same time.  The high-waisted  shorts  give a first time hint of elegance to the typical casual jean shorts.   The new trends of hot pants give an instant look of class to the wearer who dares to wear short-shorts.


The jumpsuit has become more chic, sexy, and modern this season.  They come in styles of long lengths, form fitting, and evening wear.  They way you want to wear it is up to you.

Monokinis, Bikinis…The Inis are Definitely In

Sex appeal comes effortlessly when wearing an asymmetrically cut bikini that paints the body in all the right places.

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