Neteral Updates: Eccentric Style of Shingai Shoniwa

Is it the hair?  Is it the clothes?  It must be the confidence because when style siren Shingai Shoniwa shows up on the red carpet, all are wondering what unpredictable, one of a kind garment she will wear.  When this care free rocker is not generating trends on the red carpet, her funky, eclectic style resurfaces during her performances as lead singer of the Noisettes.  It’s pretty much a given that when Shoniwa hits the stage, she will give her all to the audience and more.  Whether she’s singing on stage while dangling upside or lounging on a speaker box—Shoniwa’s energy is reminiscent of true, great artists of the past who possess the gift of turning a concert into a memorable night.

Just as enthralling as her performances are, is her style.  Shoniwa’s style is unconventional, and it flows so well together.  Some of us might shy away from the bright shades, asymmetrical shapes, and interesting patterns; yet Shoniwa embraces them like it’s second nature.  Everything from the way she styles her hair to the style of a jacket she may sport is distinct and original.  Her innovative style makes her one of fashion’s biggest risk takers.  She has fun with her clothes, and isn’t that what fashion is all about?  Not being afraid to rock whatever you want however you want.  Her style is eccentric, bold, and quite daring.

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