Neteral Accessories: Ear Jewels by Afrique La Chic

NETERAL came across Afrique La Chic, an online jewelry line that specializes in traditional African jewels, and of course we went right for the best kind of jewelry to wear which is the earrings.  Many pieces are eye catching to the point NETERAL seen fit feature and advertise these wonderful art pieces.  Not only is AfriqueLaChic a Black owned jewelry company, the designer creates all of these one of a kind pieces herself, a craft that her mother instilled in her at an early age.  The jewels are African inspired and are made using raw materials right from the earth, such as natural stones, sea shells, feathers, pearls, & crystals.  There is so much more to this line than earrings, but the pieces are so beautiful. NETERAL is focused on sharing beauty with the public especially for all natural women.

These are what you call “statement pieces” for you ears. (From L to R)

 Sweet Heart Crystal Studded Earrings

Sweet Heart Crystal Studded Earrings

Ferris Wheel Hoop Earrings

Ferris Wheel Earrings


Summers Night Vintage Button (Clip on Earrings)

Piano Keys Vintage Earrings (Elegant & Sophisticated)










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  • Afua
    October 13, 2010 at 11:27 AM

    Thanks so much for such a beautiful feature…I really do appreciate it. Lovely magazine…I will share it on my twitter.