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Do You Love Your Hair? Well, Sesame Street Does.

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Want to find a way to instill the love of natural hair in our Black children?  Well, a little Black girl Sesame Street character with Afro textured hair was singing about how much she loved her hair, the versatility of styles her hair allows her to create, and just an overall appreciation for her tresses.  I loved it.  It was cute, it was adorable!  The funny part is that the little girl character showed off various styles in her hair, such as twists, braids, and cornrows—all styles that I have adorned.  Well if most mothers of children with kinky, curly hair won’t take the time to teach their children to adore their hair in its natural state, this character can.  I mean, this is the one time, you can actually let the television raise your children…..of course ONLY this ONE time.

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