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Dairy, Dairy Dangerous: The Harmful Effects of Dairy

“Milk does a body good” was the saying that we had brainwashed into our psyche through the media and through the school system beginning in childhood.  But does milk really do a body good?  The answer is NO!  Dairy is one of the most dangerous products that can be consumed.  According to (,

The well detailed article goes on to describe that glue is found in milk in the form of the protein casein.  Feces and pus are allowed to stay in milk along with traces of blood that are bleached to blend in with the white milk.  The deadly avoidable diseases that occur as the result of dairy consumption range from diabetes, leukemia, liver disease, and pneumonia and influenza brought on by excess mucus from consuming dairy.  The ill informed, and I do stress, ill informed food pyramid that we are all taught as children has so many nutritional discrepancies, that I look at it only as a drawing today, literally.  It is a complete joke.  The food pyramid is designed to serve as a nutritional guide to help you make healthy food choices.  So the foods that should be least consumed are found at the top, and the foods that should be consumed the most are found as you move lower throughout the pyramid.  First of all before we get into where the dairy is in the pyramid, why would “fats, butters, cream, oils, sweets, sugar, crisps” be listed at all?  Anywho, dairy, and its byproducts are listed in the 2nd block from the top as foods to consume.  The recommended amount given for consumption is 2-3 servings.  With all of the garbage found in dairy, it should not be a serving at all!

Humans are the only species that consume milk from another species.  This is insanity.  To look more into the dangers of dairy and its byproducts, you can visit

One of our greatest doctors, Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, has books and DVDs available for purchase that give a detailed explanation in what milk is and why it is so dangerous for human consumption, particularly for Black people.  We have a different genetic makeup.  Because of this, we cannot consume certain foods on the same levels, or even at all, as other races.

Whether you choose to accept how dangerous dairy is, in time your body will tell you.  You can ignore your health, but it will not ignore you.  So rather than to just sit and wait to get your health in order, take control now.

I would have provided further detailed information on more of the dangers of dairy, but I would rather let you, the reader, go to the links provided and read it from professionals.  They provide accurate facts backed up by scientific research.  You have to do research on your own when it comes to your health, preferably from a health practitioner.

*The information in this article is not written by a licensed medical doctor or holistic practitioner and should not be taken as actual medical facts.  Consult a licensed, certified medical doctor or holistic health practitioner for medical and health facts.

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