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Karen’s Body Beautiful Spa

One of the places on my “go sees” list (a place that I would like to visit)–can be found in Brooklyn, NY.  Karen’s Body Beautiful recently opened up a spa at its successful store that carries and sells its product line.  I visited the store the other day, and I picked up one of the spa menus.  The spa offers the classic manicure & pedicure, but at KBB, these services are referred to as Model Manis and Posh Pedis and come with an array of choices.  You can request for Model Manis like the “Five Star Fingers” and “Luxe Love” and Posh Pedis like the “Runway Beauty” & “Sole Sweet”.

Facials, or Fab Facials, as they are called at KBB, address many problems that women may experience.  One of the Fab Facials, “Skin Sign” treats the condition of your skin, whether it’s dry or oily.  The “No Fuss” Fab Facial treats sensitive and irritated skin while reducing premature aging.

It’s a spa so of course you have a well rounded selection of full body treatments to choose from, or Body Bliss as they like to call it at KBB.  One of the ways to give your Body Bliss is to “Salt ‘N Purify” it (the name of one of the spa treatments).  This treatment is for cleansing bacteria and skin impurities from….you guessed it–your skin.  The “Drop Dead Gorgeous” body treatment promises you more moisture retention of the skin.

The body massages, or the Me Please Massages, with names like “Deep Tiss-You” & “Ahhh-Romatherapy” are calling your body to KBB in Brooklyn as you’re reading this.

To inquire about the spa services provided at Karen’s Body Beautiful, you can call

800 | 628 | 2210 to make an appointment or you can visit the KBB store at

436 Myrtle Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11205


Uganda: Gifted By Nature

“Uganda the pearl of Africa”, those were the words of British statesman Winston Churchill used to describe his experience in this naturally beautiful country. “Gifted by nature” is a new adopted slogan used to describe the mesmerizing beauty of this small East African nation. One of its most outstanding attractions is the source of the great Nile River. Situated in the Eastern Busoga region of the country, in Jinja town, one gets to see the genesis of the biblical life saving waters. The breath taking water that escalates towards the north and pours into the Mediterranean Sea is one of nature’s wonders. Great fun activities that are done on the Nile waters in Jinja include wild water rafting and Banji jumping.

The country has three UNESCO world heritage sites to its name. One that’s a must visit is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The park is home to the great gigantic mountain gorillas. The thick tropical African forest has more than half of the world’s rare spices. With the world’s population of about 750 gorillas being shared in three great lake countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, one in Bwindi, Uganda has more chances of seeing these great apes than anywhere else in the world. Bird watching is another interesting activity done in Bwindi, and a wonderful walk in this tropical African forest is unforgettable.

For those who dare to climb mountains, the Ruwenzori mountains of the moon are the ones to climb. Located in the western part of the country is Mount Stanley, with its peaks Alexandria and Margherita, and the latter being its highest peak.  They are also sun kissed and the air around is as pure as the waters from the rocks. Beneath the mountains is the eerie forest which offer impressive biodiversity in animal life, including rock hyrax, sunbirds, snakes, and Ruwenzori terraces that grace the pathway.

The county’s history could be depicted in the national museum in Kampala, the capital, where historical artifacts and scientific fossils are exhibited. In the museum you get to know how the natives lived in the pass centuries and their different cultures. The Kasubi royal tombs (although still under construction after being engulfed in a mysterious fire, but will be re-opened very soon) is another historical UNESCO site that will drive you to look into the great Buganda kingdom’s history with four dead kings still laying harmoniously in this amazingly constructed palace out of botanical material which goes as far back as one hundred years.

Contributor Joy Segawa


The Wonders of Morocco

How many people can tell you they’ve been to Morocco? This country has so many gorgeous sites to explore. Not only will you get to see compelling images, you will learn about a rich history and culture as well. Near the borders of Morocco is the Sahara Desert, a memorable destination in itself. If you want to be entranced by beauty, visit the Grottoes of Hercules, the El Bahia Palace, and the High Atlas. If you want your getaway to include activities such as mountain climbing and hiking, places like the Chefchaouen Mountains and the Oregano Mountains are where to go. If you want your trip to be intellectually exciting as well, places like the Museum of Antiquities, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Museum of Moroccan Art will do the job. Let’s see…a place where you’ll be mesmerized, invigorated, as well as educated—this 3 in 1 deal should place Morocco in your sights for travel. Morocco’s rich history and culture makes it a definite “must-see” destination in anyone’s lifetime. This cultural and historical marvel is the way to go if planning to travel abroad.


ATLANTIS: The Modern Day Paradise

If your looking for that modern day oasis to get away to during these troubled times and talks of a recession then look no further than Atlantis, in the Bahamas. This is the perfect escape for couples or singles who are in search of an island getaway that won’t put a dent in your wallet. A vacationer can land a five night stay in Atlantis for under a thousand dollars. That includes hotel and car rental service at several resorts. I traveled there just recently and I enjoyed it immensely. There was so much to do and so much to see and the people were very friendly. Atlantis gets an A+ in our NETERAL book of hot spots to visit. I suggest that those who are looking to get away make this their next destination. We highly recommend it.