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6 Ways to Stamp your Look in 2021

Author By: Aisha Z Keeney

Last year, 2020, our sense of fashion and clothes hanging in our closets has changed irrevocably. The need to put together a proper outfit was no longer a necessity for our appearance. This year 2021, has started off to a similar beginning; the thought of fashion has no relevance during this strange and singular moment in time. To reduce the role and value of clothes to pure functionality is to miss the point entirely. An outfit doesn’t need to be over the top to make you feel polished, confident, and ready to take on the day – no matter the circumstances. An exceptional design is often the most understated.
While London is still amid a strict lockdown, having spent months stuck in the same routine, when shopping, I find myself looking for pieces that will elevate my day-to-day sense of fashion.

The New Jean shape
As the fashion faux between smart and casual dressing has blurred in recent seasons. The most timeless clothing piece is a pair of denim jeans with a neutral casual top or blouse. A pair of pants with a sweatshirt (cotton shirt) is a safe option for casual and neutral wear. After, what seems like a lifetime, skinny jeans are no longer a popular fashion piece in any casual capsule.
The most timeless clothing piece is a pair of denim jeans with a neutral casual top or blouse, considering a high-rise, distressed and straight-leg style paired as capsule collection is a classic. Retro-inspired jeans, paired with proportions by adding statement sleeves. Embracing a more relaxed look of unique jean shape and style. Minimal effort, maximum impact? It’s all down to good jeans.

New Shape Jeans

Soften up with Paisley
Flood your wardrobe with prints this year! From the classics to the most modern, give your outfits a trendy, artsy, or wild touch. Whichever suits your sense of style best. Did you know the bohemian-style print with a curved tear shape has been making its mark on catwalks? Many designers embrace Bohemian-style in 2021. Bring in two pieces with the same color or try mixing different colors. However, you blend it; paisley is set to make a fashion statement for you in 2021.

Do you go all-in on trends? Then this one’s for you. Dare to go bold with a whole paisley look. Bring in two pieces with the same color or try mixing different colors. However, you blend it; paisley is set to be trending for 2021.


The New Clutch
Traditionally, the clutch has been considered an evening bag, comes in butter-soft styles designed to be tucked insouciantly under your arm or carried in the crook of your elbow. While these understated designs make the perfect addition to silk separates and all-black ensembles, their generous proportions mean they’re also an effortless way to add a fashion-forward edge to your everyday look and are a capsule wardrobe go-to. The size for this season’s essential clutch makes it a stalwart for night and day.
The size for this season’s essential clutch makes it a stalwart for night and day.

Clutch Bags

Penny Loafers
Penny loafers were originally designed for men, the style of shoe has always been a classic and a staple in women’s closets. The first essential for any capsule wardrobe? Penny loafers has a history that stretches back almost a century – and not many pieces can boast the same style mileage as pair of penny loafer. Truly an eternal classic, the allure lies in its versatility.

Penny Loafers

Luxe Sweats.
Whether you’re preparing to return to work, or your dining-room table will be doubling as your office for the foreseeable, the ‘new normal’ has had a significant impact on the way we dress. Comfort has now become the number-one priority for many people, including the most ardent fashion fans. Luxe sweatpants are the new capsule wardrobe must-have.

Not only are wide-leg and tapered styles perfect for lounging in, but styled up with a simple white tank, coordinating sweater, and finished with ankle-tie sandals, they also turn off-duty into effortless. Cozy and considered sweats can be styled up or down to suit your mood.

Luxe Sweats

Combat Boots
Undoubtedly one of this season’s most classic designs, high combat boots promise to put an irreverent spin on any outfit. The perfect complement to everything from diaphanous dresses and oversized knits to micro-mini skirts invest in a pair, and they’re sure to become one of the most-worn pieces in your capsule wardrobe. Are you teaming yours with blue denim? Chunky boots also work with the most unexpected styling combinations, thanks to their authoritative effect. Stay one step ahead by tucking your jeans in – next season’s fail-safe styling trick.

Combat Boots

By Aisha Z Keeney


Neteral Updates: Eccentric Style of Shingai Shoniwa

Is it the hair?  Is it the clothes?  It must be the confidence because when style siren Shingai Shoniwa shows up on the red carpet, all are wondering what unpredictable, one of a kind garment she will wear.  When this care free rocker is not generating trends on the red carpet, her funky, eclectic style resurfaces during her performances as lead singer of the Noisettes.  It’s pretty much a given that when Shoniwa hits the stage, she will give her all to the audience and more.  Whether she’s singing on stage while dangling upside or lounging on a speaker box—Shoniwa’s energy is reminiscent of true, great artists of the past who possess the gift of turning a concert into a memorable night.

Just as enthralling as her performances are, is her style.  Shoniwa’s style is unconventional, and it flows so well together.  Some of us might shy away from the bright shades, asymmetrical shapes, and interesting patterns; yet Shoniwa embraces them like it’s second nature.  Everything from the way she styles her hair to the style of a jacket she may sport is distinct and original.  Her innovative style makes her one of fashion’s biggest risk takers.  She has fun with her clothes, and isn’t that what fashion is all about?  Not being afraid to rock whatever you want however you want.  Her style is eccentric, bold, and quite daring.


Neteral Updates: Military Coats Fall/Winter 2010

What: Women’s Military Coats

How to: Gold, silver large buttons & buckles, linear lapel

When: Fall 2010

Where:Your choice of store

Why: Natural tailored look…bold & powerful statement…& because it looks good


Bird by Juicy Couture Wixon military-styled leather jacket

Teal ruch detail military jacket by Red Herring

Natural military coat by Betty Jackson

French Connection erno wool (grey melange)