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Neteral Latest: Office Attire for the Fall


This Destiny Long Sleeve open cut cardigan is a go to  clothing that’s great to have in your wardrobe when you want to wear something light and comfortable over a nice top; for office attire. This Cardigan can also be worn  as a casual wear paired with a simple top and jeans for evening wear.
Following  Features:
Material: Soft Stretch Viscose; Length: 28 inches and  Fabric Details: 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane



 The Helmet Lang Satin Trouser has a very classical and chic look that is very modern and stylish. These trousers can be worn with a smart shirt or dress top.
Following Features:
Material: Satin twill fabric; Waist Band: 33 inches; Front-rise: 11 inches; Inside Leg: 32.5 inches; Ankle opening: 21 inches and  Fabric Details: Shell_ 51% Acetate and 49% Viscose



This is a Moschino Printed Silk blouse that can be worn as a professional top with a either a nice blazer or cardigan sweater that is fitted with a pair of trousers will look nice.
Following Features:
Material: 100% Satin; Description of Top: Button down fastening, Sleeveless blouse with a  collar that is called a pussy bow neck and the blouse was made in Italy


Signature SAINT LAURENT ankle bootie with bow at back and square suspended high heel. These are some beautiful black suede stiletto heels that will add a couple inches in  a woman’s height especially if worn with a pair of trousers. If you are a short person  a pair of trousers will always give the illusion that you are much taller then your natural height






For Colored Girls Only: The Demonization of Black Men in the Media…What Else Is New? Perry’s screen adaptation, For Colored Girls, of Ntozake Shange’s play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf was released in theaters today.  Last year, brought Precious–this year brings Shange’s play on screen.

Time and time again, Hollywood needs to satisfy its high of dehumanizing the image of the Black man, and it always receives its buzz from various media outlets, whether that be music, television, news, or as in this case, films, preferably directed by Tyler Perry.  Out of all of the novels and plays with substance and a multi-dimensional message for Black people, why Shange’s play?  Something to think about.  Ntozake Shange who describes herself as a Black feminist, released the play in 1975.  The play was then published as a book in 1977.  The play won various awards, including the Obie Awards, Off-Broadway Theater Awards presented by New York’s newspaper, The Village Voice, to theater artists and groups.

Although the situations presented in the play and movie are real life scenarios that many women face, particularly Black women, these are not the ONLY situations they experience.  One size does not fit all.  Why always the same self-defeating, sad, depressing movies about Black people?


Va$htie Makes History, producer, promoter, & designer Va$htie Kola made history by becoming the first woman to design for the Nike Air Jordan’s line.  She designed the Ladies Air Jordan 2 retro.  The talented Miss Vashtie is known for her tomboy style and love of retro sneakers.  Congratulations for making history as a woman in an industry that’s dominated by men.

On Va$htie’s blog she ecstatically stated,

“I’m beyond ecstatic right now. Me?! Designing a JORDAN?! As in JORDAN!!! It’s not like JORDAN collaborates with just anyone. On top of that…


I mean, then again…What other sneaker brand could be the first for me to design for! It’s a NO BRAINER…I’ve been known for being a JORDAN ROCKING FOOL since before I’ve been noted for anything else in my career!”

Let’s take a look at the finished product.


Vogue Italia Takes on Fashion Icon Bethann Hardison As Editor At Large

Vogue Italia has taken a leap forward on the evolutionary chart of fashion by bringing all around fashion maven Bethann Hardison into the fold.  Vogue Italia has assigned the legendary model, agent, writer, and advocate of diversity in the fashion world the position of editor at large for a section of its website that will deal with emerging black models and their issues within the fashion industry.  Vogue Italia had previous ground breaking success with its 2008 all black models issue, which was put together by Ms. Hardison and Vogue Italia’s editor in chief,  Franca Sozzani.  Due to the success of the issue, Ms. Sozzani decided to start a series of online discussions about the plight of today’s black model.  Sozzani dedicated the Nov. 2008 issue of L’uomo Vogue to Africa, and half of the issues advertising revenue went to African related charities.  Vogue Italia also celebrated the anniversary of the issue in 2009.  Ms. Hardison was quoted as saying, “the fact that Vogue Italia is supporting black models is huge”.  She went on to say that Milan was always the toughest place for black models to be.  She said that when she was an agent she never wanted to send her models there.