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Neteral Latest: Office Attire for the Fall


This Destiny Long Sleeve open cut cardigan is a go to  clothing that’s great to have in your wardrobe when you want to wear something light and comfortable over a nice top; for office attire. This Cardigan can also be worn  as a casual wear paired with a simple top and jeans for evening wear.
Following  Features:
Material: Soft Stretch Viscose; Length: 28 inches and  Fabric Details: 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane



 The Helmet Lang Satin Trouser has a very classical and chic look that is very modern and stylish. These trousers can be worn with a smart shirt or dress top.
Following Features:
Material: Satin twill fabric; Waist Band: 33 inches; Front-rise: 11 inches; Inside Leg: 32.5 inches; Ankle opening: 21 inches and  Fabric Details: Shell_ 51% Acetate and 49% Viscose



This is a Moschino Printed Silk blouse that can be worn as a professional top with a either a nice blazer or cardigan sweater that is fitted with a pair of trousers will look nice.
Following Features:
Material: 100% Satin; Description of Top: Button down fastening, Sleeveless blouse with a  collar that is called a pussy bow neck and the blouse was made in Italy


Signature SAINT LAURENT ankle bootie with bow at back and square suspended high heel. These are some beautiful black suede stiletto heels that will add a couple inches in  a woman’s height especially if worn with a pair of trousers. If you are a short person  a pair of trousers will always give the illusion that you are much taller then your natural height





Hair & Beauty

Neteral Research: Thinking about that fierce “BIG CHOP”!

big chop 4Are you thinking about the big chop? Are you wondering how you might look? Do you feel like going natural? Are you worried about what others might think?

Be a dare devil and just do it already! Get it done and over with and start your new hair journey of going natural and getting rid of the bad chemicals and weaves in your hair black woman. Embark on a new journey and start to truly take care of your natural hair and embrace the beauty of you being natural.

If you noticed a lot of black women are starting to embrace the beauty of going natural and being who they are.  They are also, participating in the journey of the “THE BIG CHOP” phase and are learning how to use certain products that are healthy and nutritious for their own hair.

Some women decided to keep a low faded hair cut that fits them so beautiful. While others embraced the journey of going through each phase of their own hair growth; usually after a one year of the journey and going through the battle of self-cautiousness, inadequacy, High-low self-esteem as well as, the embracement of compliments, beauty, and growth about your hair journey you began to realize that first year how beautiful you look and the length of hair that has grown out so healthy and rich.

All it take is a concrete decision to come into your self-awareness and set aside all your fears in order to began your journey. It is also, helpful to understand the reason why you are chopping all your hair off and why. Always have a true purpose for anything that you do in life, not because it’s a fad or someone else told you to do it. Only because what might work for you may not work for the next person. Also, to prevent unnecessary regrets in the end.

But if you have decided to do the big chop for whatever reason be it because damaged hair or personal preference so be it. But most of all let it be because you have come into the knowledge of self and taking the necessary steps of becoming natural and embracing your natural beauty black woman. After-all, you are beautiful on the inside just as much as you are on the outside and it is only right that you be who you are and drop the hair hats (European wigs) and bad chemicals (perm and hair dye) for natural hair journey that you have yet to discover and will not regret. I’m confident you will come into a level of self-awareness, self-respect and self-beauty that is undeniable.

Hair & Beauty

Neteral Research: When Weaves & Perms Go Wrong

Warning! There is always an expiration date on weaves and perms. This should be the message on all of the packaging of these products as well as in the submental stratosphere of black women’s minds. They should always keep in mind that there are always damaging effects right around the corner to their scalps, hairlines, and even healthy natural growth.  There is no such thing as good weaves & perms—they are all bad, and no one escapes the destruction that they leave behind…not even the supermodels with thousands of dollars to spend on these products can escape the wrath of these mane killers. Did Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” teach us anything? In the future we would like to suggest that black women look beyond these deadly & destructive choices in hairstyling upkeep because as it stands, the only ones who seem to benefit from these poisonous products are the companies that manufacture them.

Contributor B. Moses; Supermodel Naomi Campbell

Hair & Beauty

Neteral Research: The Beauty of the Olive

Olive oil has been known as a beauty oil for ages.  It has wonderful healing properties for the skin and hair, especially if you are using extra virgin olive oil.  Olive oil penetrates deep within the skin, and hydrates it with a light, non-greasy coating.  It is a nutritious “food” for your skin that leaves it feeling smoother and softer.  It moisturizes and soothes chapped lips.  It is one of the top skin emollients that the gods have given us.

Olive oil nourishes dry hair and improves the hair’s elasticity.  It softens the strands and decreases shedding and breaking of the hair.  It eliminates frizz, and makes the hair shiny.  It helps to put damaged hair back on track when one decides to take hair care seriously.  It helps to do away with dandruff and alleviates dry, itchy scalp.  Douse those ends in olive oil, especially after washing while your hair is still wet.  Olive oil closes up the follicles and seals in the moisture of the water.  You can coat your deep conditioner with a reasonable amount of olive oil to retain the moisture.  Less split ends = more length retention = healthy growing hair = luscious locks.

Extra virgin olive oil and shea butter can be used as a facial moisturizer for excessive dry skin. Shea butter can also be used as a lip balm and to clear up dark blemishes on the face. It keeps your skin strong and healthy.  If your skin retains its own oil you do not have to put extra olive oil or shea butter on your face daily. Once in while it can be helpful but most of all what is important for any type of skin is to stay hydrated with water to nourish your body daily. Using Olive oil or shea butter has it’s benefits and can sure give a rich and healthy tone and texture to any type of skin that is natural and healthy. Olive oil must stay away from heat and light to keep it from losing its properties.

Important disclaimer: The benefits of olive oil  and shea butter is not a cure or treatment for any medical condtions of the skin, please consult with a professional skin or hair determatologist in regards to any medical conditions.


Hair & Beauty

Neteral Research: Multi-benefits of Coconut use

thIYF7O6JQI recently bought coconut oil to try out myself.  I’ve been listening to reviews on how beneficial this oil is for the body.  I’ve been up on my shea and olive game, so I always left the coconut oil in the back burner.  Most people know that coconut oil is great for your hair and your skin, but many don’t know that coconut oil comes handy in dealing with stress, maintaining the levels of cholesterol, weight loss, increasing your immune system health, digestion, your metabolism, kidney related problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diseases such as diabetes, HIV, and cancer.  How many of you knew that coconut oil aids in your dental health and bone density?  It is the lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid found in coconut oil that makes it so beneficial and great as the previous benefits were, coconut oil contains antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Hair, hair, hair–many women, and people in general, will do absolutely anything for the best looking and healthiest hair.  Coconut oil is found to be one of the oils that can improve the health of your hair and improve its look as well.  Coconut oil is one of the best conditioners for hair care.  It is natural of course.  It adds shine to your hair.  It clears your scalp of dandruff and lice, and soothes dry & flaky scalp.  The proteins found in coconut oil help to improve damaged hair.