Safari Chic For the Summer Season

If you should happen to find yourself on a safari, the outback, or just trolling the concrete jungles of the city then you will of course want to look good for these occasions with a bag in hand, heels to toe, and bracelets fastened to the wrist. NETERAL has compiled these looks to make you smile and then some.


Neteral Accessories: Wearing a Work of Art

Is it possible to wear a work of art?  Of course, we wear art everyday subconsciously.  Our own personal style is our work of art.  The way we wear our jeans, our scarves, our favorite jacket and shoes is our way of expressing what we think of ourselves, our mood for the day, and sense of style.  The designers who deliver these pieces of clothing are deemed creative with that certain “eye”.

Very little emphasis is given to the art jewelry designers create.  Jewelry designer Evette Everett fuses Earth’s natural gifts of clay, pearls, crystals, rare beads, and other elements found around the world to create intricate designs.  She creates these precious designs all by hand.  Her art is produced through ceramics, fused and torch work glass, elaborate beadwork, and other distinctive processes.

Evette Everett’s passion for art is exhibited through the rare pieces she has handcrafted.  There is meaning behind each piece and can surely strike up a conversation from the moment it meets the eyes of the audience.  The intricacy and dedication given to each piece makes the wearer feel as if each piece was designed specifically for her.  These pieces can stand side by side with art work found in any museum throughout the world.  Wearing Evette Everett’s designs will make you feel like a jewel yourself.  To view more of Evette Everett’s jewelry pieces, you can visit her website at



Neteral Accessories: Ear Jewels by Afrique La Chic

NETERAL came across Afrique La Chic, an online jewelry line that specializes in traditional African jewels, and of course we went right for the best kind of jewelry to wear which is the earrings.  Many pieces are eye catching to the point NETERAL seen fit feature and advertise these wonderful art pieces.  Not only is AfriqueLaChic a Black owned jewelry company, the designer creates all of these one of a kind pieces herself, a craft that her mother instilled in her at an early age.  The jewels are African inspired and are made using raw materials right from the earth, such as natural stones, sea shells, feathers, pearls, & crystals.  There is so much more to this line than earrings, but the pieces are so beautiful. NETERAL is focused on sharing beauty with the public especially for all natural women.

These are what you call “statement pieces” for you ears. (From L to R)

 Sweet Heart Crystal Studded Earrings

Sweet Heart Crystal Studded Earrings

Ferris Wheel Hoop Earrings

Ferris Wheel Earrings


Summers Night Vintage Button (Clip on Earrings)

Piano Keys Vintage Earrings (Elegant & Sophisticated)











Neteral Accessories: Classy Clutch Purses

Clutch purses give an elegant boost to any outfit.  NETERAL has rounded up a collection of clutches that are made specifically for the woman who has a conservative & classy sense of style.  She knows how to add that (an item that gives meaning to her outfit) piece to complete any look.  So when she wears a clutch, it’s designed to emulate the grace reminiscent of the fashionably elegant women of the 50s and early 60s.

Structured elegant satin clutch by Karen Millen

In black

In navy blue

Front bow satin evening clutch by Forzieri

Leather & swarovski crystal evening clutch by Forzieri


Yves Saint Laurent belle de jour patent clutch

Sparkle bow clutch by French Connection


Neteral Accessories: Winter Season Jewelry

Many women accessorize during summer months without thinking twice about it, but can the jewels you wear during the summer work in the winter as well?  Maybe a few of them can, but certain jewels just go perfect only with that flowing summer dress, platform sandals, or halter top.  Ladies have to switch up earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and everything in between to accommodate the winter season.  Statement pieces are a given for winter jewelry.  You are wearing more garments; therefore, your pieces should not drown in your look and should stand out themselves.  Long earrings, bold necklaces, & large bracelets will make the perfect look.

Long earrings that incorporate the fringe trend

Earrings that incorporate the metal trend

Metal jewelry in pattern or irregular geometric shapes can complement a long sleeve cashmere blouse.

Another theme for this winter is to mix up different random pieces that would not usually go with each other, but would create the perfect statement pieces when meshed together.  These meshed pieces can be trendy & layered as well.

Fringe is in…your jewelry

LARGE rings are another hot look for this winter, retro & vintage

Remember, don’t overdue it when it comes to jewelry.  The jewels are layered and extravagant because they make their own statement, so only one to two pieces are necessary.  The best part is that ALL of these pieces are from Forever21’s jewelry line, and can be found online under the jewelry section within the $4 to $13 price range…..YES, that’s it.  Make a bold statement without putting a dent in your wallet.