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Weight-loss journey & ways to stay motivated

In dedication to Janielle Wright, 100LB weight-loss in 10-mos.

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Getting started on the journey

Starting a weight-loss journey is a decisive decision a person make regarding their willingness to achieve results. The key to a successful weight-loss journey is the person’s motivation factor. However, determination is what will get them started and ready on an intense and invigorating journey. I understand not all people desiring a weight-loss journey is self-motivated and perhaps might need encouragement from others. Depending on the level of pro-activeness will determine the person level of success. For the people who need motivation and an extra push, consulting a fitness coach or workout partner is just as motivating and excellent. It’ll guarantee results and the progress towards achieving concrete weight-loss goals. Nevertheless, for those who are self-motivated and geared up with the willingness to get started on a successful weight-loss journey alone, I applaud you every step of the way. A weight-loss journey may not always be the most comfortable milestone to achieve, but the hard work and efforts are so rewarding.

Understanding the reason for weight-loss 

     The number one reason for your weight loss journey will always be your starting point. It’s a gentle reminder of why you started and how far you’ve progressed in your journey. For instance, before and after photos are evidence of a person’s weight-loss journey uphill, meaning each milestone achieved resulting in apparent changes in weight, in which others will notice the difference. Nevertheless, practicing a healthy diet and exercise routine will guarantee interval results. The process will require sufficient amount of patience, mental strength and action, more importantly its imperative to work at your own paste and speed. Your weight-loss journey isn’t a competition against anyone else. It is about “keeping your eyes on the prize,” the prize being your weight-loss goal.

Healthy Affirmations

    Practicing healthy affirmation to fortify your mental strength is a working charm to keep you in transformation mode. Affirmation help keeps you motivated and encouraged you to eventually manifest high vibration, not just on your weight-loss journey but also with your entire life. If you don’t know what type of affirmation to use, listed below are some positive and uplifting affirmations:

•    I love and care for my body

•    I love the taste of healthy food

•    I am enjoying exercising

•    I love and feel great

Those affirmations are a few of many other statements inspired to get you started and motivated. After all, you deserve the best and you are worthy of the best. I understand as the journey gets tough, you are always one step closer towards accomplishing your goals. Whenever you get wary, think of those affirmations and repeat after me “I can do this, and I will do this” and say it again “I can do this, and I will do this.” Don’t ever doubt what you can do!

Life & Culture

The Power in Forgiveness

Imagine being betrayed or overwhelmed with disappointment caused by another. The impact of the pain isn’t felt intrinsically; it is often a psychological pain and cycle. A mental complexity one must reason with; to release themselves from perpetuating the pain. Each person’s circumstance is succumbed by the perplexities of one’s mental turmoil (a repeated cycle of offense in the mind). The memory and recollection of thoughts linked to one’s detrimental experience is the gap between recognition and reality. Therefore, a person’s behavior becomes the catalyst of how they’ll respond or react to those who administered the betrayal or disappointment to them.

However, despite the hurt one feels, the practical way of release is the bridge between one’s acceptance and acts of forgiveness. Every problem has a solution, and every pain felt is also a process of healing. When one recognizes the power in forgiveness, it is a sense of ownership and restoration of trust. When trust is restored, it’s like a broken glass pieced together in a more endearing and cautious matter. When a person decides to forgive and gain back their power, higher wisdom, knowledge, and understandings is finally achieved.


The Power of Letting Go

At some point in our lives we all reach a point of deciding to “let go“. Letting go of what’s not within our control or no longer serve a purpose in our lives. It is a matter of realizing PEACE is more important to reserve rather than seeking to achieve the inevitable (chasing after what isn’t within our control). To reserve one’s peace is to master self-control and divinely unfold self-love.

‘Letting go’ do not mean it is the end of the world, it is the end to a new beginning. Some times those new beginnings are unexpected event’s and circumstances, unwarranted. However, circumstantial events are meant to push ones limit to the next level or apply pressure for transformation ending in a change. We all have a purpose and journey to fulfill in this life time, why not make it worth while by learning when to let go, heal, keep going and growing. We are what we set our mind’s to therefore the mind is limitless and is only condition by one’s emotion.

Emotions is only signal of self- awareness of what we are experiencing for the moment. Therefore, when the mind is not conditioned by emotional disturbance; it is then we realize letting go is the best thing to do for one’s on well being. Dare to re-channel your thoughts, energy and frequency with good vibrations and extend your mind to limitless dimensions. Discover the power within you by letting go and deciding to live from within.
“Just as it is from within, likewise it is from without.”


The soul search from within

All across the world- as bronze women of the next age; part of achieving the greatest fufillment within our steps towards liberatrion is to simply, be who we are. It’s imperative that we come to the realization that true liberty is in embracing- wholestically- the most authentic part of our natural being.


The difference between being a feminist and feminine

The battles of a feminist advocate for equal rights and opportunities can be very daunting but not discouraging at times. Our adversary has formed many allegiance; regarding social and political norms that discriminates or attempt to discourage women from attaining equal rights and opportunities as citizens or legal immigrants of the United States.

Some of the presumptuous behavior of those who advocate against feminist movements fail to realize the limitations and stigma that is assumed and imposed on both women and girls; views, stature and mental strengths (level of capabilities and compentencies). The question that remains regarding the reliability and justice of a feminist advocate is “How do you differentiate the importance of the battle and not just the context of an effective fight?”

The qualities of feminine women is priceless. A woman that respects herself and carries herself with self-respect speaks unspeakable volumes. Feminine women encourage and compliment the balance between masculinity and feminine energy. Women that have feminine attributes usually are more fourth coming with their views, values and standards in life. The beauty of feminine women has an underlining tone of strength that defines who and what we stand for as women morally.

The outter beauty of a feminine women is a direct reflection of our self-conscious; it is what we feel and measure our value and worth too. The idea of feminine women bring a level of ease and tranquility within our existance and state of being. Feminine women are not acknowledge because of our identitiy, we are known for the strength and upkeep of our character. A woman that has a feminine demeanour do not have to fight for equal rights and opportunties for a position or status in life. As feminine women we already have a balance from within that is equal to our purpose and potential in life without any conflict of interest, which is very unique in quality.

A feminist should fight for injustice collectively if it appear to be a conflict of interest regarding the hinderance of our purpose or potential to either obtain justice, equal rights or opportunties that gurantees our progression to our fullest potential successfully. A feminist fight should not be solely on either a position or voice to be heard economically or politically. It should be about the balance between potential and purpose on behalf of women and girls development within the world. Let’s not lose touch of the gracious development and quality of being a feminine women with character and not just attitude.